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Residential Services

At FiberNet, we are proud to be different. Unlike other companies, we were created by Monticello for Monticello. There have been many changes since we opened our doors, but we have not forgotten our original purpose. We remain committed to bringing fast, affordable, and reliable technology to our residents. Best of all, when you choose FiberNet, you choose a company that is invested in the future of your community.

FibeRNet is proud to offer:

Symmetrical Internet service for simultaneous uploads and downloads at the same blazing speed. Enjoy content and send information faster than before!

Digital Television service with excellent picture quality, more reliability than satellite, and the features you’ve come to expect- including DVR, high definition, and premium channels.

Digital Phone service that includes the metro calling area, the ability to keep your current phone number, and more than a dozen additional features, like Voicemail and Caller ID, for you to choose from.

As your technology partner, FiberNet also offers a variety of options to personalize your services.